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Aberdeen publishes research on Boston transportation jobs

Posted on August 14, 2011

Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company, has released a new report all about Boston transportation jobs, among other topics.

The report is from its Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management, Customer Management, and Wireless and Mobility practices.

“Integrated Transportation in a Capacity Constrained Global Market,” authored by Bob Heaney, Senior Research Analyst for Aberdeen’s Supply Chain Management research practice, reveals that almost 60% of respondents are focused on improving the ability to analyze and automate true freight spend.

This report details how Best-in-Class shippers have leveraged transportation spend management solutions together with process improvements to keep costs under control and maintain high levels of carrier and freight performance. “Today’s supply chain executive has taken many steps to reduce transportation costs. In fact, previous Aberdeen reports over the course of the last two years have highlighted several examples of companies with savings of up to 36% in baseline freight costs.

However, the economic downturn produced consolidations and constrictions in transportation capacity by lane and mode,” explained Bob Heaney. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report made available in part by JDA, MercuryGate, Lean Logistics, and CH Robinson, visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7066&camp=2

The “Sales and Operations Planning: Key Enabler for the Chief Supply Chain Officer” report authored by Nari Viswanathan, Vice President / Principal Analyst, Supply Chain Management revealed that Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) continues to be an area of active interest for companies. This benchmark report examines survey responses from over 127 organizations obtained during the June and July 2011 timeframe, uncovering the latest innovations in S&OP processes and technologies.

“When it comes to the ideal metrics for measuring the success of an S&OP program, there must be a defined set of industry-agnostic and industry-specific metrics. This benchmark report provides industry-agnostic metrics around a range of issues including cash conversion cycles and forecast accuracy,” explains Nari Viswanathan.

Aberdeen’s latest Human Capital Management research on “Employee Screening Strategies” looks at best practices and trends in Employment Screening. The study, authored by Mollie Lombardi, Research Director for Aberdeen’s Human Capital Management practice, finds that while employee screening and background checks are one of the most widely used steps in the hiring process, it is increasingly part of the ongoing talent lifecycle. With increasing scrutiny on every decision made by organizations, mitigating the risk of hiring someone with a questionable work history, criminal record, or eligibility to work is critically important, and this research reveals how to manage that risk successfully.

The “Metric-Driven Mobile Marketing: Increase Marketing’s Revenue Contribution” research study by Aberdeen’s Omer Minkara, Research Associate, Customer Management Technology and Andrew Borg, Senior Research Analyst, Wireless and Mobility, details how top performing marketing organizations positively impact more than half of their company’s revenue through integration of the mobile channel within their overall marketing mix. As consumers increasingly rely on their mobile devices for communications, information, collaboration, and transactions, the ability to reach consumers ‘where they live’ with relevant marketing programs becomes essential for organizations to remain in touch with their customers and improve marketing results. Metric-driven mobile marketing is the foundation of market relevancy in this age of information overflow. Mobile is everywhere, and it’s here to stay,” says Minkara.

Another New England region is also experiencing an uptick in these jobs. Transportation jobs in Connecticut are on the rise, accordig to new figures from the BLS.

The most recent statistics gathered by the US Government shows Connecticut to have 112,897 employers offering 1,696,905 jobs. The average weekly wage for these Connecticut jobs is $1,021 per week ($53,092 annually). Overall, the Private sector has more jobs in Connecticut than any other with 1,446,683 jobs and 109,243 employers. The average weekly wage for the Private sector is $1,028 per week ($53,456 annually). The next highest sector is Local Government jobs with 160,185 positions and 2,291 employers. The average weekly wage for Local Government jobs is $831 per week ($43,212 annually). Rounding out the jobs in Connecticut is the State Government sector which has 770 firms and agencies that employ 70,488 people in Connecticut. The average weekly wage for State Government jobs is $1,268 per week ($65,936 annually).