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Boston company touts benefits of hiring for general labor jobs in Boston

Posted on August 28, 2011

If you want it done right, the saying goes that you have to do it yourself, unless your dealing with heavy-duty general labor jobs in Boston.

One company is giving advice on how to better-hire for these important jobs.

Humboldt Storage and Moving http://www.humboldt.com/, the oldest moving company in Boston, United Van Lines agent and experts in stress free moving has years of experience in unplanned moves. With recent economic conditions as well as an aging population, unexpected moves are becoming more popular and important.

Below Humboldt gives three reasons why it may be beneficial to hire a professional mover in an unscheduled transition:

Maximize the time you do have: Unplanned moves usually occur on short notice and leave those involved with little time to manage finite details associated with the transition process; organizing, calling utilities and other items which take a great deal of time and patience. A professional moving company can take a few tasks off your list and leave you with more time to manage important details, give you time to grieve if needed and can also help you feel less pressured. This can help you better cope with an overwhelming situation.

Experience pays off: Moving is an enormous task that typically requires several weeks of planning and preparation. Professional movers take on this role every day and what is overwhelming to most is second nature to them. They can provide you with ways to prioritize matters during your move and help make situations more manageable and less stressful. They can also assist you in maximizing your moving dollar by providing cost effective strategies.

Make A Smooth Transition: Packing up memories evokes emotions, which adds to the tremendous strain of an unscheduled move. Make sure you have support in the form of family and friends to help. Also, consider hiring a move manager that can act quickly and help prioritize through a stressful situation. This can create a more peaceful moving process and help your kids and family adjust quicker to their new environment.

“Everyone encounters unexpected situations in their lifetime and it is always easier to have someone with experience and knowledge on hand to guide you through unknown circumstances,” states James Sullivan, president of the Boston moving company Humboldt Storage and Moving. “We are living in difficult times that can lead to unplanned situations like moving caused by the loss of a job, foreclosure, divorce or sudden death. The key to getting through it is support and professional people around you.’

The same advice could apply to Atlanta labor jobs and other cities around the country.