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Boston Jobs Among Top 10

Posted on June 11, 2009

Boston jobs are among the top 10 most popular for graduating college students.

A recent study by CareerCast.com and Going Global ranked Boston as the fourth most popular city for college students looking to find a job this spring. The most popular city was New York, followed by Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; Boston; San Francisco; Chicago; Denver; Seattle; Atlanta and San Diego.

Although New York City is the largest and most expensive urban center in the country, it remains to reign supreme among first-time job seekers. Among survey respondents, 83 percent chose New York as one of their top destinations, compared to only 65 percent who chose D.C.

The study found that students’ ideal destinations often include those that are highly-populated and have abundant job opportunities, diversity and a vibrant social scene. However, those worried about finding a job in an overcrowded market might find their skills in higher demand in a less-popular city.

“With companies around the globe cutting costs and unemployment on the rise, new entrants in the job market face difficult choices when selecting the best location to begin their careers,” the study notes. “Should they seek out a small city with a low cost of living and potential for job-market growth, or one with a declining population and less competition among job seekers? Or should they ignore employment trends and simply select a large, dynamic metropolis with an abundance of both rival candidates and new opportunities.”

So where aren’t students looking for jobs? Of the 40 metro areas named in the report, the least popular among future job seekers are Salt Lake City, Utah; Albuquerque, New Mexico and Rochester, New York. Each of these cities were selected by less than 7 percent of respondents.