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Boston Jobs Increase Over Two Months

Posted on July 17, 2009

If you’re looking for a job in Boston, or anywhere else in the State of Massachusetts for that matter, you just might be in luck. Even though the state’s unemployment rate has increased, it still managed to add jobs during June. Click here for more information on Boston jobs.

During June, Massachusetts lost 2,300 jobs and saw its unemployment rate increase to 8.6 percent, a record loss for the month of June, according to the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

However, despite the loss, the state still managed a net gain of 3,300 jobs during the past two months, as 5,600 jobs were added during May. Overall, Massachusetts employed 3,187,400 workers during June, a decrease of 106,400 workers, or 3.2 percent, from last year.

The education and health services industry added 4,700 jobs during June, increasing that industries employment to 652,800 workers. The educational services sector of that industry accounted for most of the month-to-month gains, with only small increases in healthcare and social assistance.

When compared to last year, the education and health services industry was the only industry to add jobs, increasing by 7,700 jobs, with educational services accounting for 5,800 of those positions.

The leisure and hospitality industry also added jobs in June, increasing by 3,100 workers. That follows a 4,100 worker increase during May. The industry as a whole has only lost 2,300 jobs from last year.

The professional, scientific and business services industry saw a loss of 1,300 jobs during June, but has still added 1,000 positions during the last two months. When compared to last year, the industry declined by 8,500 jobs, or 3.3 percent. The information industry lost 300 jobs during June, and has lost 900 jobs since the beginning of the year. The industry currently has 84,800 workers, a decrease of 5,100 positions, or 5.7 percent, from last year.

The financial activities industry lost 1,100 jobs during June, and has lost 1,600 jobs since January. The industry currently has 208,600 workers, a loss of 12,800 jobs, or 5.8 percent, from last year. The government industry lost 2,300 jobs during June and as a whole has 3,800 fewer employees when compared to last year.

The trade, transportation and utilities industry lost 1,100 jobs during June. The industry has 546,200 employees, a decrease of 24,500 workers, or 4.3 percent, from last year. The manufacturing industry lost 1,900 jobs during June, and at 271,100 employees, has decreased by 16,200 workers, or 5.6 percent, from last year. The construction industry lost 2,200 jobs during June. That industry currently has 111,600 jobs, down by 21,300, or 16 percent, from last year.