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Boston Marketing Jobs Growing

Posted on August 28, 2008

Many Boston marketing jobs are on the rise.

In the marketing industry, some fast-growing occupations include marketing, advertising and public relations managers. These workers are responsible for formulating marketing policies and direct sales activities and planning, organizing and directing advertising and public relations activities for departments, entire organizations and individual clients.

According to an article by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, jobs for marketing, advertising and public relations managers should grow faster than average through 2014 as the number of new products and services also continues to grow. The industry currently employs 23,430 employees and that number is expected to increase by 15.7 percent.

“Nevertheless, competition for these highly coveted jobs will remain keen due to the large number of experienced professional and technical personnel already in the field,” the article notes. “Individuals who have information technology backgrounds should enjoy the most opportunities.”

Currently, 17 percent of jobs are in professional, scientific and technical services; 16 percent in manufacturing; 14 percent in finance and insurance; 10 percent in information; 9 percent in wholesale trade; 8 percent in retail trade; 8 percent in security and commodity brokers; 6 percent in management of companies and enterprises and 5 percent in education and health services.

Advertising and promotions managers earn an average annual salary of $96,740, marketing managers earn $116,870, sales managers earn $113,450 and public relations managers earn $107,400.

Most employers of marketing, advertising and public relations managers look for experienced workers with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration, and who have the ability to motivate and communicate persuasively orally and in writing. Employees with flexibility and decisiveness are usually preferred, as well as those with the ability to handle stress.

Experienced, well trained and successful marketing, advertising and public relations managers usually can become top executives within a firm or start their own business. Other workers involved in the industry include commercial and graphic artists, copywriters, market research analysts and sales representatives.