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Boston Teaching Jobs Facing Cuts Because of Budget Problems

Posted on February 10, 2009

Several hundred Boston teaching jobs could be cut because of a severe budget crisis.

The Boston School District is facing its worst budget crisis in more than 10 years, which could mean the loss of 900 Boston jobs. If jobs are cut from the district, it is likely that 403 teaching positions, or 6 percent of the teaching workforce, will be eliminated. The district currently employs 6,500 teachers, according to an article by The Boston Globe.

The budget totals $833.1 million, a 5.5 percent cut from last year. That means the district will have to cut spending by $107 million if it wants to address the increasing costs of salaries, special education and other services.

“It’s hard to feel positive about this particular budget recommendation,” Superintendent Carol R. Johnson said in the article. “People did a good job working on it, but it’s not resolved yet.”

The school system isn’t the only entity facing problems in Boston. City Hall is currently looking at a $140 million budget gap next year. The city also is expecting a $44 million decrease in state aid next year and a $14 million decrease in local revenue from licensing and permit fees, interest income and excise taxes. The school district has asked City Hall for budget help the past two years, and each time City Hall gave up about $10 million.

The district’s budget plan also calls for a restructuring of the district into five smaller zones, which would reduce increasing transportation costs and limit the number of schools parents can send their children to. The move could save $5 million to $10 million. The budget also proposes that bus transportation for students who attend private and parochial schools be cut, which would save another $1.4 million.