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City creates executive jobs in Boston

Posted on September 22, 2014

The city has appointed a key person to hold executive jobs in Boston.

Jerome Smith, current Director of the Office of Neighborhood Services, is the new Chief of Civic Engagement for the City of Boston.

The position is set to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of City services, as well as create opportunities for Boston residents to participate with local government.

Smith will advise the Mayor on efforts to preserve and enhance the quality of services delivered to residents, including overseeing Mayor Walsh’s Civic Academies and NEW (Neighborhood Engagement Walks) Boston, developing neighborhood partnerships, resolving problems related to code enforcement, managing the Mayor’s 24-hour Constituent Service Hotline and Neighborhood Coordinators.

“Jerome joined our administration in May, and in his role within Neighborhood Services, he has shown great leadership and creative thought in how we approach serving the public,” said Mayor Walsh. “Both Jerome and Dan have a broad understanding of how we impact every aspect of the lives of our residents. We have a great opportunity here to apply our innovation philosophy to the way we engage residents, and I’m excited to execute our shared vision.”

“One of the strongest messages from the Walsh administration has been that Boston is a City of neighborhoods, with each neighborhood presenting unique challenges and powerful assets to the table,” said Smith. “Supporting greater involvement in our communities will only serve to strengthen the fabric of Boston. I’m grateful to Mayor Walsh for this opportunity.”