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City looking to fill Boston library jobs

Posted on September 24, 2015

The city has put out an RFP to fill Boston library jobs.

The city is looking for an executive search firm to assist with the search for the next president of the Boston Public Library. The executive search firm will advertise, locate, recruit, interview and evaluate top candidates for the position.

The next president of the BPL will be expected to shape and build upon the BPL’s strategic vision, the Compass Strategic Plan, the strengths of its Collections, its technological innovations, and services across the neighborhoods of Boston; and to exert the leadership necessary to realize that vision.

“The Boston Public Library is a dynamic and vital cultural institution, that touches every neighborhood and every resident of Boston,” said Mayor Walsh. “The new president should be a strong leader who has deep appreciation for the library’s unique collections, while advocating for technological innovation and new approaches to service delivery.”

“The executive search firm will ensure that the broadest and most qualified pool of candidates is identified in the search for the next Boston Public Library president,” said John T. Hailer, Interim Chair of the Boston Public Library Board of Trustees.

The presidency of the BPL requires strong leadership, focused both internally and externally, supporting affiliates’ fundraising activities, active community building, collaboration with the school system and other city organizations involved in the mission of lifelong learning, as well as management and oversight of BPL operations.

The president must have the capacity to create a cohesive community and address challenges of morale and a healthy workplace in what are times of great change and challenge for all institutions, including public libraries and the communities they serve.