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City officials look to create more diverse jobs in Boston

Posted on October 1, 2017

The mayor’s vision for the city includes creating more diverse jobs in Boston, among other initiatives.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh has shared his vision and progress in making Boston a more equitable, inclusive and resilient city.

From opening career pathways for public school students, to fighting to make the public transportation system more accessible in every community, to providing more training for Boston’s diverse workforce, Mayor Walsh recently discussed his commitment to shared growth and inclusivity by working toward a “Boston for everyone,” and discussed his efforts to bring opportunity to every resident in every neighborhood.

“Our goal is to be a city for everyone–a city where every child can get the strong start they need, every worker can find good job opportunities, every business can get a fair shake, and every neighborhood can enjoy the great quality of life we love about our city,” said Mayor Walsh. “Through our long-term plan, Imagine Boston 2030, we’re focusing on supporting thoughtful growth while lifting up every resident in every neighborhood, and striving for a more equitable city that utilizes the diversity, talent, and culture the residents of Boston offer.”
Over the past year, the Boston Opportunity Agenda convened representatives of higher education, workforce development, schools, the Mayor’s Office and philanthropy to create a common definition for what it means to be ready for ‘College, Career and Life’ when a young person graduates high school.
In addition to academic preparedness, the readiness definition includes other important skills like communication, collaboration, the ability to take initiative, and the abilities to analyze, navigate and adapt in a variety situations.
The definition, and the set of metrics identified to track young people’s progress towards readiness, will drive effort across Boston’s education ecosystem – schools, youth-serving nonprofits, higher education and industry partners – and ensure that the city’s youth have the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to prepare them for successful careers and productive futures.