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Cloud computing firm hires for marketing jobs in Boston

Posted on December 18, 2012

Real Cloud Solutions has hired someone for marketing jobs in Boston.

The company, which supplies cloud-computing enablement for independent software vendors (ISVs), has hired Steve Rodden as director of sales and marketing.

In conjunction with its joint venture partner RealTech Solutions LTD, Real Cloud Solutions LLC utilizes their software tool-set that allows ISVs to convert their software application products to a web-based or “cloud-based” service, without the need of a browser (zero-client). This tool-set has been developed in advanced technologies (SQL/.Net) and represents in excess of twenty (20) man years of effort in research and development.

Rodden will be responsible for overseeing Real Cloud Solutions’ sales, marketing, research and advertising activities in the North American ISV markets.

He has 15 years of experience in this particular area.

“Our primary objectives are accessibility, usability and security. Using the nearly ubiquitous Internet, we can provide anytime-anywhere access to our domestic, international and multinational clients,” stated Cluthe. As far as usability, Real Cloud Solutions delivers a responsive, robust and rich desktop-like experience to the user without retraining. Security is thoroughly addressed by utilizing a triple-protection scheme of data encryption, account access security and end-user security credentials.” When Real Cloud Solutions™ converts software to become a “cloud” application, shared resources, software and information can be provided on an on-demand and on an unlimited basis.

The Real Cloud Solutions platform allows for a quick and effortless deployment, minimized software-licensing costs, reduction in IT hardware and data storage costs and, eliminates time and money spent on software maintenance and improving scalability. With a cloud-based system, users can gain access to all of the advantages of using the software without having to incur the cost of in-house hardware and technical infrastructure development. Real Cloud Solutions™ removes the need for ISVs to have to organize their own server hardware and to have to support their own billing services.