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Companies struggle to fill some Boston jobs

Posted on February 21, 2014

Talent attraction and retention is extremely important to just about every company, and that is no different for those looking to fill Boston jobs.

Careerbuilder looked at top staffing challenges for 2014 and found these in particular:

More than half of employers say they currently have positions for which they can’t find qualified candidates. In addition to recruiting high-skill applicants, some of the top staffing challenges companies say they are facing in 2014 include:

· Retaining top talent – 32 percent

· Lifting employee morale – 31 percent

· Providing competitive compensation – 27 percent

· Worker burnout – 26 percent

· Maintaining productivity levels – 25 percent

· Managing organizational changes – 20 percent

· Employee engagement – 17 percent

· Providing upward mobility – 17 percent

· Providing enough training opportunities to employees – 15 percent

· Cutting down on cost-per-hire – 12 percent

· Lack of succession planning – 11 percent

· Limited recruitment budget – 11 percent

· Adapting to new ways to source/recruit candidates – 8 percent

Stagnant or declining sales and human capital issues are among the concerns employers voiced in the study. Sixty-two percent reported that sales did not increase at their companies in the last half of 2013. While the outlook for 2014 is improving, more than half (56 percent) of employers don’t expect a rise in sales in the first half of the year.