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Company expanding to create IT jobs in Boston and other locales

Posted on August 13, 2012

A provider of network security and management solutions for enterprise and service provider networks said this week it is growing, opening new offices, and creating IT jobs in Boston, among other locations.

Arbor Networks, provider of network security and other services, said it is expanding its research, development and engineering facilities in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Atlanta, Georgia as well as moving its corporate headquarters location to Burlington, Massachusetts.

That means three cities will be a part of the company’s widening berth.

To meet demand for its products that protect corporate and service provider networks from availability threats, specifically, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, Arbor Networks is hiring for IT jobs in Boston. It is also hiring at the other aforementioned locations.

The company said it was recently cited as top supplier of DDoS prevention solutions overall as well as in the Carrier, Enterprise, Mobile and Government market segments.

Arbor has recently expanded the Ann Arbor research and development center, adding 10,000 feet of office space and 1,200 feet of lab and data center space. The expansion is devoted to providing additional capacity for product development teams, while the lab expansion adds significantly to Arbor’s ability to build and test large-scale solutions for our customers.

In Ann Arbor, the company is seeking to fill full-time positions in the following areas: Project Management, Product Development, Tools Development, Security Analysis and Quality Assurance. In addition, Arbor has an ongoing summer intern program with the University of Michigan and will be on campus doing both intern and full-time recruiting in the fall of 2012.

According to its bio, Arbor Networks was founded as the result of research conducted at the University of Michigan. With funding from a DARPA grant, the technology was later commercialized and Arbor Networks was formed in 2000.

“To be a market leader for a decade in the security business starts with having the best talent. We’re working every day to develop easy-to-use solutions that solve complex problems, addressing critical issues for customers, and competing against a thriving hacktivist community that is innovating and advancing its own tools and techniques,” said Vice President of Engineering Kris Lamb. “Arbor is in a technology and market sweet spot, with an incredible research platform in our ATLAS® infrastructure, which collects 35 Tbps of core Internet traffic intelligence. For security researchers and engineers, these are hugely attractive assets. Rapid growth presents unique challenges to an organization, but you won’t hear me complaining about them. This is an exciting time for Arbor Networks.”