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Company expands to the Northeast and creates Boston software jobs

Posted on November 24, 2012

Assemble Systems is expanding and hiring and will be creating more Boston software jobs.

The cloud-based Building Information Modeling (BIM) software developer has hired Boston-based BIM expert, Diego Torres-Palma.

Torres-Palma has worked as the BIM Manager on several multi-million dollar construction projects. Combined with his experience in business strategy (he is currently seeking his MBA from Boston University), he plans to work with firms throughout the east coast to further their BIM strategies and tools.

“After my experience as a BIM Manager at the project-level, I knew I wanted to make a difference in shaping the technology the industry uses. When I saw what Assemble could do, I knew this was more than a great new technological tool. It was a solid business proposition that could help firms be more profitable and win more work,” Torres-Palma said.

As a Territory Manager for Assemble Systems, Torres-Palma will work closely with architecture, engineering and construction firms in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island. “I am committed to helping firms who are using BIM find more efficient ways to leverage building information to deliver a competitive process,” says Torres-Palma.

Assemble Systems is a BIM software developer transforming information management in the cloud for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.

With the comprehensive information provided by Assemble, teams can manage changes over the course of the project, and create reports to fuel collaboration, efficiency and project success.