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Funding to boost Boston summer jobs

Posted on June 22, 2015

A round of funding is expected to create more Boston summer jobs.

The state will get an additional $270,000 in funding to create 200 additional jobs for youth this summer.

For more than 20 years, the Boston Youth Fund, and now the Department of Youth Engagement and Employment (DYEE), has provided employment opportunities for Boston youth in a vast array of positions at non-profit organizations throughout the city.

Many of the young people employed are instrumental in assisting non-profit organizations with outreach efforts, childcare, educational awareness and more.

The city’s overall commitment to DYEE youth jobs will grow by nearly 22 percent in fiscal year 2016. The Walsh Administration expects to be able to absorb the additional costs through continued strict expenditure management throughout the fiscal year.

Summer jobs have been key to combating youth violence as well, alongside other major initiatives launched by the Mayor.

This month, Mayor Walsh announced a public/private partnership led by the Mayor’s Public Safety Initiative with John Hancock and Boys & Girls Club of Boston’s Youth Connect program that is aimed at stemming youth violence by providing clinical case management and positive youth development opportunities for high-risk youth. The program, which will be funded by John Hancock, will serve approximately 50 at-risk males and females ranging from 11-14-years-old per year.