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Funding will help create Boston construction jobs

Posted on June 3, 2014

Funding for a certain area of the city will create several more Boston construction jobs.

Boston’s Department of Public Works (DPW) said it will invest $3.1 million in Upham’s Corner Main Street to improve area streets, sidewalks, and public spaces.

The project will increase pedestrian and traffic safety, and provide well-marked signage to enhance the visibility of local landmarks.

Public investments include:

A new signalized pedestrian crossing, roadway and sidewalk improvements, increased pedestrian space, directional signage, and 20 new street and sidewalk lights
A $1.5 million sound and lighting system for the Strand Theatre to attract additional high quality performances and drive more foot traffic into the commercial district
Restoration of 10 Upham’s Corner Main Street storefronts through the Boston Main Streets ReStore Program
New arts and cultural programming in the neighborhood through the Upham’s Corner ArtPlace initiative, including a $500,000 public art commission from the Boston Foundation and Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

All of these will create many more Boston jobs.

Upham’s Corner Main Street is a commercial district serving approximately 14,000 neighborhood residents, 134 businesses, commuters, and local employees. The project begins on Columbia Road from Davern Street through Hamlet Street.

“Improving our commercial districts as cultural icons are top priorities for my administration,” said Mayor Walsh. “This investment gives more reasons for the people of this community to come out and enjoy all that Upham’s Corner has to offer.”