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Jobs in Boston Supported by Harvard

Posted on May 26, 2009

Harvard University is doing its part to help people find a job in Boston.

The university recently offered $383,865 to Mayor Thomas M. Menino as the first installment of jobs linkage funding from the Allston Science Complex, which will go toward job training in the City of Boston. The payment is the first of two to be allocated through the Neighborhood Jobs Trust.

“We remain firmly committed to supporting job training development in Boston,” Chris Gordon, chief operating officer for the Harvard University Allston Development Group, said. “This investment is a continuation of our important partnership with the city of Boston.”

Additional linkage payments for housing support also are expected. The payments were outlined in the Cooperation Agreement associated with the Allston Science Complex, which was signed in April of 2008 by Boston and Harvard.

Harvard has implemented a wide range of programs and improvements in the Allston neighborhood during the first year of the agreement. For instance, the Harvard Allston Education Portal links 80 Allston school students with Harvard undergraduates for mentoring in science, math and writing. The Portal serves as a site for family science activities and a faculty lecture series for community members. Harvard has made educational scholarships to the Harvard University Extension School, Summer School and other enrichment programs available to Allston residents.

Harvard also began the grant application process to distribute $100,000 in Harvard Allston Partnership funds to local community organizations to help them complete projects focused on education, cultural enrichment and public improvements. Harvard has been involved in such public improvements as the Farmer’s Market in Barry’s Corner and a new one-acre public Library Park, which is currently in design. The university also has increased its support for workforce development programs.