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Lifebooker to Create IT Jobs in Boston

Posted on July 12, 2010

Lifebooker, a three year old website that gives members big discounts on spa services, is looking to expand and will be adding IT jobs in Boston as the website’s bandwith and technology burgeons.

Lifebooker offers everything from discounted salon and spa appointments, botox injections, and fitness classes at a 20 to 50% off rate. It has enjoyed revenue growth and is growing in popularity among users.

According to CrainsNewYork.com, the Brooklyn-based company has seen the number of New York City registered users double, to 60,000, and revenue is up more than 700% since December 2009, said Andrew Unger, co-founder. “And the backlog of local businesses who are awaiting approval to be on the site is by far the largest in the history of the company.”

In New York, more than 250 businesses have signed on to participate in the website and its discounts. The website achieves these discounts by proposing two different partnership options to approved businesses: an appointment booking engine—the more complicated, longer-term option—or the occasional group-coupon buying model.

Businesses can advertise hard-to-fill or slower time slots at a discounted rate via a calendar, and consumers can opt to plug themselves into the appointments and take advantage of the discounts.

After the appointments have been carried out, users are encourage to leave a review.

Both the Chicago and Boston markets are on their expansion radar.