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Medical-Device Jobs in Boston To Be Cut

Posted on May 4, 2010

Massachusetts companies are warning that medical-device jobs in Boston will be cut in the wake of the federal healthcare reform’s new 2.3 percent sales tax on their products.

This is according to a new survey from the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council.

According to BostonHerald.com, the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council, which is holding its annual meeting in Boston, said the medical-device tax has become the top issue among firms making products for the medical sector.

The council’s statement didn’t mention what percentage of the council’s members plan to cut jobs after the tax is implemented in 2013.

But it said the tax is “of the greatest concern” to members.

About 41 percent of members said the new health-care bill will help the industry with expanded medical coverage in the country, but 42 percent said the new health-care reform bill won’t increase their business.