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Merger to create IT jobs in Boston

Posted on May 30, 2011

A fresh merger is sparking interest and could create a few IT jobs in Boston, giving the economy there a much-needed boost.

The owners of TelLan Network Technologies, Inc.(dba. VoIPnet Technologies) and ITPartners, LLC are pleased to announce they have merged to form Unified Technologies, Inc. The company is located at 583 Warren Ave. in Portland with a branch office at the Hesser Technology Center in Manchester, New Hampshire.

ITPartners is a certified partner with major technology manufacturers including: Microsoft, Citrix & Dell. ITPartners is a leading provider of managed IT and cloud based IT services while TelLan/VoIPnet is a premier provider of hosted and managed VoIP business phone systems, LAN/WAN, broadband services and network monitoring.

“With the combined capabilities of ITPartners and TelLan/VoIPnet, Unified Technologies will be the only company in New England with the depth of experience and resources to meet and exceed our customer’s end to end business technology needs.

“We give them one number to call for sales, service and support of all things related to IT, voice, data and video, we truly give the customer a single point of contact that eliminates vendor finger pointing” noted Todd Wolf, President and COO of TelLan.

Unified Technologies is a complete “Technology as a Service” (TaaS) company with a focus on managed IT, Hosted and managed VOIP telephony, virtualization, cloud computing, ISP and Video services.

ITPartners CEO Larry Cushing explains “We have aggressive hiring plans for 2011 and beyond. This year, Unified Technologies expects to hire 10 to 15 new staff members for the engineering and sales teams. We have already begun hiring staff to our customer service and NOC support teams and we will be adding qualified data engineers in Maine and New Hampshire. In addition we will be providing a robust training plan for our employees so they stay current on technology and industry best practices.

Unified Technologies has the knowledge and expertise to manage customer’s mission critical IT, voice and data systems. Its programs often reduce customer’s operating costs while ensuring that mission critical systems are up and running and available at all times with verifiable SLAs and detailed reporting.

Unified Technologies will continue to service customers as TelLan and ITPartners in the near term while they integrate systems and services under the Unified Technologies name.

In a related article, the University of Mass. released a report recently stating that IT jobs in Boston are fueling job growth.