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Microsoft is Hiring for IT Jobs in Boston

Posted on June 21, 2010

Good news for unemployed techies: software giant Microsoft has announced they will be hiring for IT jobs in Boston in the near future.

The announcement comes after Microsoft bought a much larger space in Cambridge and moved to consolidate two of its suburban Boston development groups into the new space.

The centers are called New England Development and Research centers, or NERDs.

NERD senior director Sara Spalding told the Boston Herald that the consolidation “represents pulling our existing engineering teams together to have a single focal point of research and development in Massachusetts” and is “evidence of our commitment to building a really strong campus in Cambridge.”

The new office space is double the size of the original centers.

However Microsoft has not said yet how many new people they will hire to fill the space.

Currently they have about 300 employees.

About 113,000 square feet is being added through the consolidation.

InformationWeek.com says they think that adds up to about 200 new employees.

Spalding was vague about giving an answer when probed to give more details about hiring.