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Network to create Boston jobs

Posted on November 5, 2017

A new network is creating more Boston jobs.

State Street Corporation today announced the launch of the State Street Foundation’s Boston Workforce Investment Network (Boston WINs).

Boston WINs aligns five local and national nonprofits with a shared goal of preparing more Boston youth for 21st century careers, expanding Boston’s young, thriving talent pool and promoting economic mobility.

Boston WINs is based on the concept of venture philanthropy which applies long term funding, measurement and direct involvement to philanthropic programs to expand their effectiveness.

The State Street Foundation will provide an investment of $20 million over four years to five organizations: Bottom Line, Boston Private Industry Council (PIC), College Advising Corps (CAC), uAspire and Year Up.

This financial support will enable each organization to significantly scale their respective programs and together create better outcomes for Boston youth. Collectively, the Boston WINs organizations project that they will increase the number of youth served by approximately 60 percent.

State Street is committed to hiring 1,000 Boston students that will have been served by one or more of the WINs organizations over the next four years.