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Orchestra taps person for creative jobs in Boston

Posted on April 15, 2012

The Dennis Flint Orchestra has secured a key hire for creative jobs in Boston.

Dana Meyers, a Boston resident, to become the band’s leading guitar player after their former player resigned.

Dennis Flint Orchestra is considered a fiery, blues band. It is an active musical highlight in Boston’s evolving nightlife. The ensemble performs pieces such as, “Memphis Blues,” “Born Under a Bad Sign,” and “Preaching the Blues.”

Dennis Flint, director of the orchestra, discovered Meyers playing in a student nightclub in downtown Boston. After completing her performance and making her way off stage, Dennis Flint approached her and offered her the job.

“Dana was phenomenal,” said Dennis Flint. “She hit every note perfectly. I had to offer her the chance to play in the Dennis Flint Orchestra, I knew she would fit in perfectly.”

Meyers jumped on the chance to play in the Dennis Flint Orchestra and immediately accepted Dennis Flint’s offer.

“Dennis Flint Orchestra is widely known in the Boston nightlife,” said Dennis Flint.

The Dennis Flint Orchestra currently consists of seven musicians: Billy May, vocals; Lesile
Shapiro, saxophone; Tom Rodger, Drums; Mia Lowel; bass; Dana Meyers, guitar; Sam Gleen, piano; Robert May, banjo.

The newly re-staffed ensemble plans to set out on a regional blues tour across the East coast beginning May. They will perform at major nightclubs and various universities. Tickets will go on sale mid-April, according to their website.

“Dennis Flint Orchestra is ready to continue playing and performing music everyone loves,” Dennis Flint said.