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Ordinance to affect Boston jobs

Posted on April 2, 2015

A new ordinance creating Boston’s first-ever parental leave policy will be affecting people city Boston city jobs.

The Councilors’ Ordinance contains the Mayor’s policy of granting up to six weeks of Paid Parental Leave to both men and women, as well as same-sex couples, who have worked for the City for at least one year.

Once adopted, the policy will help eligible City of Boston employees overcome a glaring deficiency in American family leave policies. Presently, the United States joins the countries of Oman and Papa New Guinea as three nations that lack a paid parental leave policy.

Mayor Walsh is proud to work with the Councilors to adopt a Paid Parental Leave policy that features some of these specifics:

Up to 6 weeks of Paid Parental Leave to be taken by day or week any time during the first year after the birth or adoption of the child or children.

Applies to all exempt employees, both male and female, who have worked for the City for a minimum of one year, including same-sex couples, and employees covered by collective bargaining agreements whose agreements explicitly provide for this benefit.

Applies for each instance of eligible employees’ birth of newborns,adoption, surrogacy or other methods, and stillbirths.

Pay shall be structured as follows: 100-percent for the first 2 weeks; 75-percent for weeks 3 and 4; and 50-percent for weeks 5 and 6.

This new Paid Parental Leave cannot be added to periods of unpaid, job-protected leave and, therefore, runs concurrently.

“When we work together, there aren’t many limitations on what we can do to make improvements in local government,” said Mayor Martin J. Walsh. “It is important for parents to be engaged in a child’s early life. I am thankful that Councilors Wu and McCarthy are supportive of this initiative, to grant parents who devote their lives to public service the hard-earned support they deserve. My office is proud to support and introduce policies that advance both men and women in the workplace and all aspects of city life. It is my hope that businesses will consider taking the same action steps to ensure families are thriving and healthy.”

“As a new working mom, I am especially proud to partner with Mayor Walsh and my colleagues to ensure that Boston continues to lead on access to economic opportunity for working families,” said Councilor Wu. “This ordinance will help alleviate some pressure on working parents who have to make tough choices every day to do the best they can for their families. Access to paid parental leave will be good for the City, for parents, and most of all, for kids.”

“As a father of two, the bonding period between parents and a newborn is so important, and so is the bonding and support needed to strengthen the parents’ relationship during a happy but stressful time,” said Councilor MCCarthy. “This is the right ordinance for Boston and its families.”