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Program to create Boston manufacturing jobs

Posted on January 31, 2018

A new program will center around creating a talented pipeline for Boston manufacturing jobs.

The city announced a new program for Massachusetts residents interested in careers in advanced manufacturing to take classes at local vocational high schools and be eligible for state and federal financial aid to pay for their training.

Adults who complete the manufacturing training at one of ten participating vocational high schools will then be eligible for college credit when enrolling at partnering colleges and universities. The certificate they earn during evening classes at the high schools will be worth a specific number of college credits that can be applied toward an associates’ degree.

The Baker-Polito Administration developed the Advanced Manufacturing Certificate Program as a way to give adults who want to learn new skills in advanced manufacturing an opportunity to enroll in a program with a flexible timetable that would be eligible for financial aid.  Adult students will be eligible for federal Pell grants, state MassGrants, and other scholarships.

A planning team, made up of vocational school, public and private higher education officials and workforce and industry partners, will work on curriculum, align credential agreements, and develop internships and hiring opportunities.

“The program provides another opportunity for students to pursue an affordable education in advanced manufacturing to learn a skill set and find a good paying job in this growing industry,” said Governor Baker.  “This unique program leverages state and federal resources and offers much needed flexibility to give people better career options and a path toward a college degree.”

“Across the Commonwealth there are many adults who are interested in careers in advanced manufacturing, and employers who are looking to hire them, but many people do not have the opportunity for training that is affordable. This new program will make jobs in advanced manufacturing a reality for hundreds of residents this year by opening the door to financial aid, ” Lt. Governor Karyn Polito said. 

“This program will make vocational education more readily accessible to adults and also provides a more affordable path to college for those looking to continue their education by awarding college credit for the vocational certificate,” Education Secretary James Peyser said.  

Students will earn a certificate in advanced manufacturing once they complete three different modules, each consisting of 300 hours of class time. The program is designed to be flexible so adult learners, who are most likely working full-time jobs and raising families, can complete the three course modules at their own pace. The goal is to provide students with a “stackable” credential and an affordable path to continue their education, while also helping to meet the growing workforce needs of the manufacturing industry in Massachusetts.