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Report examines diversity jobs in Boston

Posted on April 28, 2015

A new report endorsed by the city is taking a close look at diversity jobs in Boston.

Boston’s first ever Workforce Profile Report examines the racial and gender makeup of Boston’s municipal employee base.

The report analyzes annual pay rate disparities at the Cabinet, Department Head, and throughout each department, and highlights current initiatives and outlines recommendations for the Walsh Administration to establish a road map for further diversification of the Boston workforce. The findings of this report will play a role in succession planning as City Hall prepares for the upcoming transition of an aging workforce.

The report outlined the following recommendations:
1.Unrolling an employee engagement survey to better assess the current employee base’s views on opportunities for advancement at City Hall;
2.Ability to ask municipal employees to self-identify their ethnic/racial background through the City’s current upgrade of the HR database;
3.Working with professional organizations to aid recruiting efforts for current positions;
4.Continue to look at ways to improve policies for the well-being of our employees and the city of Boston, similar to the recent paid parental leave program;
5.Increase diversity training throughout city departments;
6.Continue to engage external stakeholders with the City through the Diversity Task Force; and,
7.Utilize and build additional employee resource groups to provide advice on how to work and succeed professionally at City Hall.