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State loses Boston warehouse jobs

Posted on July 1, 2012

A company in Boston is relocating to Kentucky, a move that will cost the state Boston warehouse jobs.

Elovations Services Group, a global e-commerce package processing center, is relocating from Boston to Boone County in Kentucky. They expect to bring with them 696 full-time jobs. The Kentucky governor said this was a very big deal for the state.

A news organization reports that Elovations Services Group has leased 150,000 square feet in the former Square D plant on Burlington Pike in Boone County.

They expect to undergo a big remodel and will invest $13 million to renovate the spot.

The company calls itself a quality control center for international parcels. Forty million packages will pass through its doors each year.

This year will be all about hiring, the company said, and all that goes along with hiring. But that will not include Boston jobs anymore. They’ve already attracted 100 employees and are looking to fill even more spots.

Entry level, along with management and other positions, will be advertised as open opportunities. The salary will be anywhere from an hourly wage to an annual salary.

“That’s 696 Kentucky families who are going to be able to lay their heads down at night feeling a lot more confident that they’re going to be able to support their families, put food on the table, keep a roof over their head, send their kids to school and really boost that quality-of-life that we all know is so important,” Gov. Beshear said in a news conference.