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Yodle to Create Advertising Jobs in Boston

Posted on July 19, 2010

Yodle, an online advertising firm, says it expects to create dozens of new advertising jobs in Boston.
The firm says it needs client managers, account representatives, and marketing specialists. About 80 positions are opening up.

Yodle is currently located on Lincoln St, which houses about 20 employees. They’ll be holding a job fair to garner attention and buzz around the new positions.

The New York-based firm recently added 80 workers in Scottsdale, Arizona and is also looking to expand their Charlotte, NC operations. Yodle also has offices in Philly and New York.

They’d like to have about 500 workers when all is said and done.

According to their website, Yodle is a leading provider of local online advertising services. Yodle helps you get found – offering the expertise and tools you need to reach these prospects, and convert them into customers.

With Yodle, they will come find you with a transparent and cost effective marketing solution. That’s because we’re experts at targeting people in your area searching online for your services – and converting them into inquiries for your business.

Yodle was created to take complex tasks and simplify them. Our dedicated staff and helpful tools make it fast and easy for you and your team to do great business online.

Yodle not only fits your marketing budget, we’re also an incredibly cost-effective way to advertise because thereĀ’s no waste – we focus on qualified inquires to your business that generate a positive return on your investment.